A city is not a galaxy: Understanding the city through urban data

I contributed a chapter to Data and the City, edited by Rob Kitchin, Tracey P. Lauriault, Gavin McArdle, published by Routledge as part of the Regions and Cities series. The book is one of the outputs from a Programmable City Workshop that took place in September 2015 that I also took part in.

The Platform Society. How to Defend Public Values in an Online World

How can we safeguard ‘public values’ in a world where social, economic and civic interaction is increasingly mediated by digital platforms? Publication (in Dutch) with Jose van Dijck & Thomas Poell

What Urban Media Art Can Do

I am honoured to be one of the contributors to this great volume on urban…

Street Values (Straatwaarden)

Street Values looks at the relation between heritage and placemaking and the role that heritage professionals could take in activating civic publics in a network society.

Welcome to Pokeville

Martijn de Waal ‘Welcome to Pokeville’ in Jürgen Mayer & Martijn de Waal Could Should…

Owning the City: New Media and Citizen Engagement in Urban Design

Over the last few years, the term “smart cities” has gained traction in academic, industry,…

The Hackable City: A Research Manifesto

This ‘research manifesto’ explores ‘the hackable city’ as an alternative future vision to the smart city. In a hackable city, new media technologies are employed to open up urban institutions and infrastructures to systemic change in the public interest.

Stadslucht: Beloften en Paradoxen van de stad

De stad wordt alsmaar populairder. Steden bieden volop kansen op werk, handel, uitwisseling, vermaak, tolerantie,…

De stad als interface. Digitale media, mobiliteit en ruimtegebruik in 2040

In juni 2014 heeft het Bestuur van Rijkswaterstaat aan het Programma Strategische Verkenningen gevraagd een…

‘EL FUTURO DE LA CIUDAD: ¿Una ciudad inteligente o una ciudad social?

Martijn de Waal ‘EL FUTURO DE LA CIUDAD: ¿Una ciudad inteligente o una ciudad social?’…

De stad is (g)een algoritme

Een goed functionerende stad is niet gemodelleerd volgens een hiërarchische boomstructuur, maar kent talloze knooppunten…

Klik. Like! Share. Hoe digitale media de publieke ruimte veranderen.

[An English summary of this research program can be found here] Hoe zorgen we er…


De oude kerk in Amsterdam hosts a truly beautiful exhibition by Boltanski. Go see it if you have the chance.…

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Short Bio

Martijn de Waal (1972) is a writer and researcher focussing on the relation between digital media, society and urban culture, with a specific interest in public space and civic media.

He is currently working as a senior researcher at the Lectorate of Play and Civic Media at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

His most recent books are De Platformsamenleving. Strijd om publieke waarden in een online wereld (2016, in Dutch) and The City as Interface. How New Media Are Changing the City (2014).


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